Expansive Ventures is
a network based venture capital firm
that leverages the collective intelligence
of the Founder Institute
to make large early stage investments

Adeo Ressi
Serial Entrepreneur
CEO of The Founder Institute
Founder of TheFunded.com

Jon Soberg
Global Early Stage VC
Formerly at Blumberg Capital
50 Investments, 30+ Boards

Founder Institute Launches Expansive Ventures

New Venture Firm will Leverage the Founder Institute's Global Network to Better Support Founders

May 15, 2014 - Mountain View, CA: The Founder Institute (http://FI.co), the world’s largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program, announces the creation of Expansive Ventures (http://www.expansive.vc). Expansive Ventures will leverage the Founder Institute’s extensive global startup network to source deals and talent, and will offer very founder-centric terms to portfolio CEOs, such as the ability to select their own board member from the Founder Institute network. Expansive Ventures will look to make significant seed-stage investments of $250,000 to $2MM from both inside and outside the Founder Institute Graduate pool. Expansive Ventures will begin accepting referrals for investment in the Summer of 2014.

“In building this firm, we gathered feedback from top Founders all across the world and the message was clear: the world needs a source of capital that truly supports the Founder,” says Adeo Ressi, CEO of the Founder Institute and Founding Member of TheFunded.com. “Founders want larger checks at the seed-stage. Founders want a quick yes or no decision. Founders want to choose their own board member and set their own Board meeting schedule. Founders want the freedom to sell their business. Founders want operational access to markets across the globe. With the Founder Institute’s global scale, Expansive Ventures has a unique ability to deliver on these needs.”

The Founder Institute’s startup network spans over 78 cities across 6 continents, and includes over 1,100 Graduate Companies and 3,100 CEO Mentors. Through a closed referral and voting system that incentivizes Mentors, Expansive Ventures will be able to leverage the network’s collective intelligence to efficiently and effectively source deals, make quick investment decisions, and provide operational access to global markets throughout the network.

Joining Adeo Ressi as a Partner of Expansive Ventures is Jon Soberg, a former Managing Director at Blumberg Capital who has participated in 50 early stage investments and held over 30 board positions across 5 continents.

“If you wanted to build a truly global VC, you would build it on top of an international network of founders who are building early stage companies, and you would create a scalable method for sourcing and vetting dealflow that benefits the members of the network,“ says Jon Soberg, Partner in Expansive Ventures. “That is exactly what we are building with Expansive Ventures, and we think this is the new model for venture investment in the global economy.”

Expansive Ventures is currently in beta, and the firm intends to begin accepting applications for investment in the Summer of 2014.


About Expansive Ventures

Expansive Ventures (http://www.expansive.vc) is a global seed-stage venture capital firm. The world’s first “network-based VC”, Expansive Ventures leverages the Founder Institute’s extensive global startup network to offer very founder-centric terms to portfolio CEOs. The firm is based in Mountain View, CA, and names Adeo Ressi and Jon Soberg as Partners.

About the Founder Institute

The Founder Institute (http://FI.co) is the world’s largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program, helping aspiring founders across the globe build enduring technology companies. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across over 78 cities and 6 continents, the Founder Institute has helped launch over 1,100 companies, which have created over 10,000 new jobs. The company's mission is to “Globalize Silicon Valley” and create sustainable startup ecosystems that will create one million new jobs worldwide. The Founder Institute was founded in 2009 by serial entrepreneur Adeo Ressi. It is operated out of a small office in Mountain View, California.

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